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About Shred Apps

250K+ App Store Downloads

4.85 Average App Rating

5+ Years of App Dev Experience

App Launching Q3 2018


Why You Should Join The Shred Fitness App

Passive Income

Create a new monthly revenue stream in less than 12 hours of work.

Whenever a Shred Fitness user follows your training plan, you get paid.

Get New Followers

Join an app being used by customers who want to train with you!

Shred Fitness users will see your profile on the app as soon as they log in. We link DIRECTLY to your social media so your new fans can follow you.

Sell More

App users will be able to easily access additional products you offer.

Links in the app will allow users to visit your personal website or store page so you can sell your custom training plans, clothing and other products to app users.

Our Process

Step 1: Survey

We ask you to fill out a brief survey so we can set up a time to prepare you to submit your training plan and any video contents.

Step 2: Submit Content

We will provide you with a link to easily upload your training plan and videos of you performing the exercises in your plan. The plan and videos can be sent in any format and we will handle getting your content 100% ready for your release on Shred Fitness.

Step 3: Marketing Strategy Creation

Leading up to the release of your plan, we will work with you to create a full marketing strategy for the release of your plan, including videos and images you can share on your social media.

Step 4: Release

Your content will go live in the Shred Fitness app and instantly be accessible to your followers and all the users on the app. You will begin earning passive income immediately for as long a your plan is on the app.

Influencers We Work With

Below are some of the top influencers we work with. Their total reach on social media exceeds 10 million followers. These users will see your profile and training program on Shred Fitness.

1.5+ Million Total IG Followers

1+ Million Total Snap Followers


Josh Hopkins

MMA Trainer & USAF Veteran


Damen Griffith

SuperLeague Pro Bodybuilder


Kaden Nguyen

Vegan Bodybuilder


Llados Amadeo

Trainer & Fitness Model


Ozan Kılıç

Natural Bodybuilder


Lionell Coleman

Former NFL Football Player


Caryn Nicole



Stew Smith

Former Navy SEAL

Meet The Team


Andrew Bentley

LinkedIn Prof Pic

Joey Park

iOS Developer

Jakub Novak

Android Developer